Donor Stories

Beth Chappell

Beth Chappell: A Responsibility to Give Back

I remember the thrill I felt as I stepped inside my kindergarten classroom for the first time. As a proud blue-collar kid raised in Dearborn Heights, I knew at a young age that education was my ticket to the life I wanted.

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Joe Klecha and Liz Alvarez

Joe Klecha and Liz Alvarez: Securing the Future for Our Children

We'll never forget the emotional time we spent in the hospital after our first son, Call, was born in 2012. He was born eight weeks prematurely and spent two weeks in the hospital. We were fortunate though — we had steady jobs, good insurance and the ability to take time off to be with him until he was able to come home.

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Jim Petersen

Jim Petersen: Giving Back to Detroit

I care about Detroit. Our city has seen a lot of ups and downs, but the recent developments on the River Walk, the improvements to Belle Isle and the added bike lanes are all signs of progress. However, there's so much more to be done for our underserved students throughout the city and the region.

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Will and Jeanne Caldwell

Will and Jeanne Caldwell: Providing a Path for Children

Education is the Pathway to Success in Life. That is the message Liz Caldwell and her two sisters heard frequently while growing up. Their parents, Will and Jeanne Caldwell, read to their girls regularly and stressed the importance of education.

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Eric Hespenheide and Judy Hicks

Eric Hespenheide and Judy Hicks: Giving to Greater Detroit

Eric Hespenheide is no stranger to giving. From a young age, his family instilled in him the value of community service. Decades later, his early memories of volunteering are still vivid. Sitting in his Bingham Farms home, Eric shared how these past experiences inspired his philosophy of giving and decision to support United Way.

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